Inman Aligner

A simple, safe and speedy treatment for straighter teeth

Cardonald Smiles is proud to be able to offer the Inman Aligner treatment to our patients. Hugely popular due to its quick results and affordable price, we can address crowding or protrusions, for a straighter, more confident smile.

  • Removable
  • Durable and most cases need only one appliance
  • Completely safe
  • Can be completed in just 6–18 weeks
  • Straightens multiple teeth at once 
  • Improve long-term dental health
  • Ideal for small gaps, crowding and protrusions
  • Explicitly designed to treat upper and lower front teeth


What is an Inman Aligner?

An Inman Aligner is an alternative to the traditional brace treatment for straightening teeth which gently aligns teeth quickly and safely into the desired position. As they are removable, Inman Aligners allows you to eat, drink and speak as you usually would, with minimal impact on your day-to-day life, making it the ideal option for many.

The aligners are also ideal for straightening teeth before other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as composite bonding or teeth whitening, which can be used together to give you a full smile makeover.

How do Inman Aligners work?

This type of treatment uses two aligner bows that gently oppose one another in a 'squeeze effect', guiding the teeth into the desired position. The force is created using nickel-titanium coil springs, making them suitable for a range of cases, whether straightening one or two teeth, or an entire bridge, and are why the aligners have such quick results.

A typical treatment plan includes the following steps:

  • An initial consultation, in which impressions will be taken to create your custom made aligners.
  • An initial fitting, after which you would continue to wear the aligner for around 20 hours a day.
  • Regular checks with your dentist, every two or three weeks, will allow us to track progress, address any issues and ensure you continue to achieve the quickest and most efficient results.
  • Final appointment, where you will discuss the use of a retainer to prevent teeth movement after treatment. 

Depending on the case's complexity, the entire treatment can be completed in only 6–18 weeks. For a more accurate estimation based on your treatment plan, book a consultation and discuss what you can expect with Inman Aligners.