You never know when you might require treatment due to a dental emergency, but Cardonald Smiles takes every step to ensure you have access to the dental care you need, no matter why or when.

What is a dental emergency?

Any dental emergency or damage to the mouth, teeth or gums need to be assessed as quickly as possible. This allows us to minimise any discomfort or pain and address any issues before they lead to further or permanent damage.

Dental emergencies include:

  • Trauma to the mouth, teeth or gums (such as from a fall or a knocked-out tooth)
  • Abscesses or swellings that begin to develop in or around the mouth
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Lasting pain in the teeth or gums which doesn't fade or respond to over-the-counter painkillers

Dental Emergencies Inside of Business Hours

If you are experiencing any form of a dental emergency during regular business hours, you can reach our practice on:

0141 882 0522

We will book you in for an emergency appointment as soon as possible to complete any dental treatments that may be necessary.

Dental Emergencies Outside of Business Hours

If outside of regular business hours and our practice is closed, for any dental emergency, Glasgow's number to call is:

111 for NHS 24.

You will find a full list of emergency contact numbers for different areas on the NHS website.